Profile of Chieko & Javier




東京で約10年間、ファッション雑誌、テレビCM等のスタイリストとして活躍後、1995年に本場アルゼンチンのタンゴショー「タンゴポルドス Tango x 2」日本公演を見て、そのすばらしさに感銘を受け、タンゴを始める。
1998年アルゼンチンに単身渡り、世界的に有名なタンゴダンサー「エドワルド&グロリアEduardo y Gloria」「グスターボ・ナベイラ Gustavo Naveira」らに師事する。
2000年、タンゴと出会ってからわずか5年にしてアルゼンチンの老舗タンゴバー「バール・スール Bar Sur」にて日本人初のレギュラーダンサーに抜擢される。
2002年5月には「グラシエラ・スサーナ Graciela Susana」らと来日、1ヶ月間の沖縄公演を行い地元テレビ、新聞、雑誌等で紹介される。
2003年「バランカス・タンゴ・コンクール El Concurso de Barrancas Tango」で準優勝受賞、タンゴドキュメンタリー映画やテレビ番組に出演した。
2005年アルゼンチン・タンゴ映画「El Ultimo Bandoneon」(|日本未公開)出演。
2007年9月カフェ・トルトーニおよび11月、12月ラックラック劇場にてタンゴ・ショー「Tango WIND」出演。
タンゴの他にアルゼンチン民族舞踊(フォルクローレ舞踊)の名門校「バレエ・サルタ Ballet Salta」の一員としてブエノス・アイレスのサン・マルティン劇場などにも出演。


Born in Gunma prefecture. Began to learn piano and performing ballet at age 3.Worked as a successful stylist for fashion magazines, TV commercials, etc. in Tokyo for 10 years.Saw and deeply impressed by the performance of the Argentine tango show "Tango por Dos" in Japan and began tango in 1995.Moved to Argentina alone in 1998 and learned tango under world famous tango dancers "Eduardo & Gloria" and "Gustavo Naveira".Selected as the first foreign regular dancer for the established Argentine tango bar "Bar Sur" in 2000 just after 5 years of finding tango.Appeared in the performance in Okinawa in 2002 and introduced on local TV, newspapers, magazines, etc.Won the second place in the Barrancas Tango contest in 2003.Appeared in Tango Libertad 2004 in Tokyo in October 2004.Appeared on tango documentary TV shows and movies.Made appearances on shows and events at the local prestigious theaters as a member of the Argentine folk dance school "Ballet Salta" in addition to tango performance.Actively performing as a remarkable Japanese dancer whose performances have been recognized in the home of tango...




1994年ブエノスアイレス大学在学中より、「グラシエラ・ゴンザレス・アルゼンチンタンゴ・スクール」他でアルゼンチンタンゴを学ぶ。その後、アルゼンチン各地でのインストラクターをはじめ、タンゴフェスティバルに参加。アメリカ、スペインツアーも精力的にこなし、川島千江子と共に「バール・スールBAR SUR」レギュラー出演のほか、ブエノスアイレス老舗カフェ「カフェ・トルトーニ Cafe' Tortoni」他でレギュラーダンサーとして活躍中。


Javier Rochwarger, of Argentina, is a warmly intense and generous talent, belonging to Buenos Aires' newer generation of tango dancers. Grounded, sensual, and musical expression emanates from Javier's dancing and is reflected in the faces of his partners on the dance floor. Javier has performed regularly at such renowned tango venues as Cafe Tortoni and Bar Sur as well as Sunday exhibitions in one of tango's most historical sites - Caminito (La Boca). In the past two years he has travelled to Spain to teach classes, founding a milonga and starting tango activity in Sevilla. Also during this time he has taught in Buenos Aires with the Grupo Graciela Gonzalez, for the Festival de Tango de la Ciudad Buenos Aires in the San Martin Theater, and at the University of Quilmes.Javier's background is one many can relate to - tango was his first dance. When he began over 10 years ago, he became immediately fascinated and compelled to take classes and go to the milongas every night. An orginal influence and teacher was Tete. Then his drive to understand the mechanisms and technique of the dance led him to Graciela Gonzalez, with whom he has studied extensively. As one who has come the long road from novice to professional, Javier has a unique and compassionate perspective. He literally understands what it is to be a beginner and to go through the phases of learning, and students praise him for his patience and kindness.